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Cornish Dance

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Ros Veur
This dance is based on the figure known as ‘Le Grande Ronde’ in the quadrilles in the library at
Trelaworran House. Ros Veur means ‘big circle’ in Cornish and provides the opportunity to use tea
treat polka tunes popular in Cornwall at the end of…

Cornish Scoot (step) Dance for three people. Basic step and pattern for the Three Hand Reel was provided by Mrs Baker of Rilla Mill (1980). She described it as a progressive dance, and each dancer would take a turn in the middle. Although this was…

Annie Askee
Alison Davey choreographed this dance in Summer 1991. It is an adaptation of the scoot dance Harvey Darvey for use as a social dance. The name "Annie Askee" comes from an alternative name for Harvey Darvey.

Formation: Dance for Couples

Rescorla Snail Creep, The
The villages of Rescorla, Molinnis, Roche Withiel and St Wenn, along the Eastern side of the Clay country, marked their Tea Treats with a fascinating custom going under the rather strange name of “Snail Creep”. This is a dance unique to this part of…

Boscastle Breakdown Dance
Scoot dances like Boscastle Breakdown are a conversation between dancer and musician, a duet between melody and percussion. Both musician and dancer introduce variations to the tune, the percussion and the speed. This provides a competitive element…

Heva Dance
Communicated by Miss Rowland in June 1980, Mrs Hydon July 1980, Mr Nigel Tangye March 1985.The Heva dance was written in 1961 to provide a distinctive Furry Dance for Newquay and was performed through the streets as a tourist
attraction on Wednesday…

Mr Martins Reel
This is a Cornish Scoot (step) dance originally communicated by Mr Hedley Martin, Morval Nr Looe (1980), and Mrs Gwen Masters, Blisland (1997). The tune is a variant of Marriage May Become a Curse from Robert Morton Nance’s Guize Dance Drolls…

Newlyn Reel   /   Plethen Lullyn
A Social Dance. Mrs Esme Francis ( Harpist for Gorsedh Kernow ) learned this tune and dance from John Williams of Boscreggan in the 1970s . Audio File: Tam Kernewek Project 2005

Tin Stamp
Written in 1988 by Alison Davey and Kirsty Crewes using traditional Scoot dance steps to emulate the sound of the Tin Stamp. The Tin Stamps were large oak beams used to crush ore and were a familiar sound in the surface workings of the Tin Mine.…

Turkey Rhubarb
This dance forms the finale of the Madron Guize Dance and was communicated by Mrs Bowden of Penzance in 1981. It is a style of dance called a Mazurka which originated in Poland and travelled across Europe. Audio File: Tam Kernewek Project 2005
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