Ros Veur


Ros Veur


This dance is based on the figure known as ‘Le Grande Ronde’ in the quadrilles in the library at
Trelaworran House. Ros Veur means ‘big circle’ in Cornish and provides the opportunity to use tea
treat polka tunes popular in Cornwall at the end of the 19th Century together with the furry dance
Dance Notation
Four couple square set.
‘One two three hop’ step throughout.
1 – 4 All form a circle, advance bringing hands to centre and retire.
5 – 8 Repeat 1 – 4.
9 – 12 Head couples advance and retire.
13 –14 Head couples step to right and then to left.
15 –16 Head couples change places by giving right hand to opposites.
17 –24 Head couples repeat 9 – 16, thus returning to positions.
25 –32 Grand ladies chain, i.e. all ladies right hand star half way around. Turn opposite gentleman,
left hand (gentleman placing free right hand on lady’s waist). Ladies right hand star again, left hand
turn with own partner.
The entire dance is repeated three more times, next by side couple then heads then sides to finish.
Tune: Polka Aberfal / Falmouthy Polka
The music used for the sequence at Trelowarren was called ‘Falmouth’ so the Cornish tune
‘Falmouth Polka ’ or ‘Polka Aberfal’ is generally as part of a set with other Cornish Polkas .




Ros Veur

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