Little Lise / Eyes - Dewlagas Vyghan


Little Lise / Eyes - Dewlagas Vyghan


This song started life as a Charles H Sheffer composition "Liza Loves You" for a Minstrel Show entitled "The Wrong Girl" that toured across the USA in 1885. The lyrics were revised
by the Deep River Boys and in the form of "Honey Honey" used as the B side to their 1950s hit single "Deep River". It became part of the repertoire of Cornish close harmony group the "Joy Boys" in 1955 and has since been adopted into the Cornish community / "shout" singing tradition with yet further variation of the lyrics including a version in the Cornish Language. The version give here is that recorded for the Kanow Tavern Pub Song Project 2007 at the Ring of Bells St Issey. The Cornish words derive from an original translation by
Ken George.




Little Lise / Eyes - Dewlagas Vyghan

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