Cadgwith Anthem / Antemna Kaswydh


Cadgwith Anthem / Antemna Kaswydh


This song started out life as a Naval song under the name of “The Robbers' Retreat” at the beginning of the 20th century. It was first recorded in Cadgwith as “The Robbers' Retreat” on a wax cylinder probably during the winter of 1931/32 by American folk song collector James Madison Carpenter. By the time it was recorded in Cadgwith by Peter Kennedy in 1956 and published in Inglis Gundry’s Canow Kernow (1960) it was firmly part of the Cornish community singing repertoire and also acquired versions in the Cornish language. 

Version given here
the singing of John Bolitho at St Clements Church, Withiel, 3 August 2005 and the Cornish Pub Song Project 2007.


Cornish and English




Cadgwith Anthem / Antemna Kaswydh,

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