White Rose, The - Rosen Wynn


White Rose, The - Rosen Wynn


The White Rose enjoys considerable popularity in Cornwall, possibly because of the way it lends itself to informal, improvised harmony. It was not noted by any of the early folk song collectors in Cornwall but was certainly well known by the late 1960s when it was popular at singing session like that of the Rowing Club at the Sailors Arms in Newquay. At the time of writing it has not been possible to identify an origin but it is likely to have been absorbed into Cornish folk tradition from a music hall song or improvised around a piece of romantic poetry at some stage. A number of variations on the words exist and a Cornish translation was published in Hengan in 1983. The version given here is from the singing of John Bolitho (1930-2005), Recording 1 is John Bolitho Bude 20/09/1991. Recording 2 is the St Ives Community Choir singing at Lowender Peran Newquay 2017. See also Video




White Rose, The - Rosen Wynn

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