Ha Me Ow Mos


Ha Me Ow Mos


These words were given to Thomas Tonkin by Noel Cater of St Agnes in 1698 but no tune was recorded. The original spelling seems to be phonetic and misses some of the mutations of conventional Cornish orthography . Robert Morton Nance discusses this in the Old Cornwall Journal of 1929 and gives a unified and grammatically corrected version together with a melody composed by Michael Cardew. It seems that Morton Nance and Cardew were inspired by Carew's contemporaneous mention of "Three Men's Songs " in his 1602 Survey of Cornwall to interpret this as a 3 or 6 piece canon. Tonkin's and Morton Nance's versions are given here together with a spelling in modern (Standard Written Form) Cornish. Nance doubles up on "an tros" to fit Cardew's melody.






Ha Me Ow Mos

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