Jan Knuckey


Jan Knuckey


Writing under the pseudonym " Uncle Jan Trenoodle", William Sandys included Jan Knuckey in his"Specimens of Cornish Provincial Dialect" published in 1846 as a Dialect narrative of 3 verses but without a melody. By 1887 it was known to Cornish migrants to South Africa and had acquired a melody and chorus.
Thomas Collette (a mine captain, who had worked in South Africa) communicated a verse and chorus to Dunstan in 1932 who published it in his Cornish Dialect and Folk Songs. By 1972, it was part of Brenda Wootton’s repertoire and continues to the present day as a party piece with a communal chorus for dialect singers. The version given here is from the singing of by Paul Holmes in 2007.




Jan Knuckey

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