Morvah Fair


Morvah Fair


The version of the lyrics for Morvah Fair provided here is from a music manuscript in St Ives Museum. This song is also included in Lyver Canow Kernewek with four part arrangement by Dunstan but the dialect is more limited. Robert Morton Nance offers little explanation about the song except to say that it was inspired by the Old Saying “ Three on one horse to Morvah Fair”. The original has an eight bar instrumental introduction and Morton Nance probably intended to use it in one of his Cledry Plays which he wrote during the early part of the 20th Century whilst living at Nancledra. Some of these plays were published in a collection under that title in 1956, others remain in manuscript form in the Royal Institution of Cornwall Library (Morton Nance box 4 ). The melodies from the Cledry Plays were inspired by the West Penwith Dialect and in the preface Morton Nance explains: " the simple airs do not ask for accompaniment or for trained voices to do them justice. They are only a slight extension of the music that West-Penwith voices will put into the dialogue."




Morvah Fair

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