Rescorla Snail Creep


Rescorla Snail Creep


Photograph: Molinnis Fife and Drum Band who played for the Rescorla Teat Treats.

Audio File: Rescorla Snail Creep played at Rescorla Festival 2008


The villages of Rescorla, Molinnis, Roche Withiel and St Wenn, along the Eastern side of the Clay country, marked their Tea Treats with a fascinating custom going under the rather strange name of “Snail Creep”. This is a dance unique to this part of Cornwall and involves a long procession of couples following a band, lead by two people holding up branches – the tentacles of the snail. The dancers form a large circle and then spiral into the middle and back out again which would have been an amazing spectacle and quite a logistic achievement with several hundred people!




Rescorla Snail Creep

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