An Awhesyth - The Lark


An Awhesyth - The Lark


The Lark is a popular folk ballad across Britain, Ireland and North America with many variations and alternative titles like “Jolly Ploughboy” and “Pretty Ploughboy” or those taken from the first line of the lyrics such as “As I was a walking” or “One morning in May”. The lyrics vary but are usually close to those captured in the broadside Ballads such as Bebbington’s “As I was A Walking”. There are also a large number of tunes and tune variations associated with the song. The author and folk song collector, Sabine Baring Gould noted several different versions of the song from singers in Dartmoor and Cornwall. He published the song in 1895 in “A Garland of Country Song” and commented that there were many different beautiful airs associated with the lyrics. Within Cornish tradition the song is associated with two quite distinct melodies, both recorded by Sabine Baring Gould and Frank W. Bussel during visits to the Falcon Inn at St Mawgan in 1891. One version was from the landlord of the Inn, Sam Gilbert and another from John Old, a labourer from St Eval.

Clip below:
-An Awhesyth arranged as 32 bar tune for dancing: North Cornwall Ceilidh Band Lowender Peran 2005
-The Lark by Lyonesse, Brittany, 1974




An Awhesyth - The Lark

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